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Breast Cosmetic Surgery
Breast cosmetic surgery important topics
There is no increased risk for breast cancer due to implants. Breast feeding is possible after breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast up lifting. Possible nipple areola sensory loss is temporary and will resume by time. Breast augmentation should be done after 18.
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Abdominoplasty important notes
Pregnancy after this operation is possible, but not recommended. Patients should have stable weight during last six months. Doing other surgeries like hysterectomy, tubal ligation, mammoplasty, mastopexy,... with this operation and at the same time is possible. Patients umbilicus should be saved in this operation and there is no need to remove it.
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Nose job important notes
There is significant edema after rhinoplasty, to reduce this edema and to promote skin retraction patients are requested to tape their nose. Early changes are significant but subtle changes continues for months. Final look will be achieved through these changes. Secondary rhinoplasty should be done at least one year after the first operation.
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Laser Lipolysis & Liposuction
Laserlipolysis & Liposuction important notes
Laserlipolysis is a surgical option for localized fat deposition and is not a treatment for morbid obesity. If done well ,it is a safe procedure. It is better not to do this operation with other open procedures. We can use retrieved fat for augmentation of the other parts. With available facilities it is better not to use this fat for breast augmentation. Patients should wear suitable elastic support after this operation.
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